Altar & Rosary Society

The Altar and Rosary Society is a women’s organization that meets once a month from September to June.  Members organize and take care of the funeral dinners, prayer line, sacristans, condiments for the parish picnic, flowers for the church and chapel. Altar and Rosary Society also provides the candles, baptismal bibs, breads, wine, linens, altar cloths, altar servers clothing, priest vestments and anything that is needed for the Church and Chapel. To provide these services,  fundraising events including a card party, bake sales, and Christmas raffle. Contact Mary Ann Garske at 330.928.9936 for more information. 



Mary Ann Garske ~ President
Marcie Stewart ~ Vice President
Caren Lowe ~ Treasurer
Vicki Spice ~ Secretary


Granny's Attic

Granny’s Attic is a "new to you sale" including The Book Nook (books & magazines for all ages) , LeChic Boutique ( scarves, purses, jewelry, trinket boxes), our Craft tables (with new craft items) , Raffle Ticket sales PLUS all of the wonderful finds from the attics!

Our sale takes place in Nolan Hall the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We start accepting donated items to sell at the sale around the beginning of June each year through the week before the sale. You can drop off your donations in Nolan Hall.  This is one of A&R’s largest fundraisers – and all proceeds go to provide all the necessities of the Church & Chapel including altar breads & wines, candles, vestments etc.