Test Scores

Overall, our St. Joseph students did extremely well and we should be proud of their accomplishments. School norms for the IOWA tests represent how our first through seventh grade students’ scores compare to those of individual grade levels from other schools that take the IOWA tests. For example, our fourth grade scores are at the 98th percentile compared to other fourth graders’ scores across the nation. This does not mean our students scored, on average, 98%. Our fourth graders’ national percentile rank composite is 86%. When this score is compared to the other fourth grade scores across the nation, our students’ scores are at the 98th percentile, as shown below. In other words, our fourth grade students’ 98% national percentile rank is a very high score. A similar comparison can be made for the other grade levels tested. St. Joseph School Norms for the IOWA tests taken in spring 2015 are as follows:

Spring 2015 IOWA Scores (School Norms)

  • Grade 1: 86%
  • Grade 2: 98%
  • Grade 3: 90%
  • Grade 4: 92%
  • Grade 5: 94%
  • Grade 6: 93%
  • Grade 7: 97%

Congratulations to our 3rd, 5th, and 7th grade students. All students achieved a score of 100% in the Writing Proficiency test taken in spring 2015.