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Calendar Sales

Each fall, St. Joseph Parish School has its annual calendar sale. For only $25 each, you can sell or purchase a November through April calendar.  Each calendar is assigned a three-digit number.  On each day, excluding Sundays and Christmas, there is a dollar amount.

When the Ohio Lottery pick-three game is played, those three numbers (straight as drawn) will coincide with a calendar that has been purchased.  If there is a winner on that day, he/she will receive a check in the amount shown for that particular day.   Numbers are checked weekly and checks are mailed out weekly accordingly.

Our goal every year is to sell all 1,000 calendars (three calendars per family).  The profits from the sales go directly to our students and teachers by purchasing classroom materials.

Please participate as fully as possible!  Your participation benefits all students and helps to provide quality materials for our classrooms. To participate, contact the School office at 330-928-2151.