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Wedding Music Suggestions

Prelude (Generally choose 4, including one for the seating of the mothers)

When choosing songs for the prelude we suggest trying to try to tie one or two into the scriptures you have chosen.  The letters and numbers before the song title correspond with the letters and numbers in your yellow “Together for Life” book.   

This list is suggestions only and is certainly not all-inclusive.  In Church, however, keep in mind that your selections need to be sacred in nature.  

The Blessing by Celtic Women

Bridal Prayer

Covenant Hymn (from Ruth 1:16)

Father, we commit to you

I have loved you (Jeremiah 31:3)

Love is the Sunlight David Haas (omit spoken part)

One (Love One Another Collection)

The Servant Song (begins at 1:57)

When Love is Found (Gather/Waly Waly)

Wherever You Go by Gregory Norbert (from Ruth 1:16)

Where You Go I Will Go Sean Ivory (from Ruth 1:16)

Wherever You Go David Haas (from Ruth 1:16)

As for me and my house(from Joshua 24:15) (Haas when love is found)

God Beyond Glory (When Love is Found)

D12, F5, F8, F9 Where there is love David Haas

D2, D5, F5, F8, F9 Faith, Hope and Love David Haas

D2, D5, F5, F8, F9 Faith Hope and Love Francis Patrick O’Brien

D2, D5, F5, F8, F9 The Greatest Gift Marchionda (love one another collection)

D2, D5, F5, F8, F9  Set Your Heart on the Higher Gifts (love one another collection) G611 Steven Warner

F5, F9, Love One Another (Love one another collection)

B2 Flesh of my Flesh and Bone of my bones

(Flesh of my flesh) 

(Flesh of His flesh) 

B7 Set me like a seal on your heart Carey Landry

Wherever You Go G860 David Haas

D1, D12 Love is the Touch arr True

*D5 Corinthians (plus others in the above list.  Look for D5)

The Gift of Love sung by Melissa Simmons on the soloist list

In love, we choose to live Jeanne Cotter (Haas WHen Love is found)

Love never fails arr Amy Sky

May Love Be Ours Dan Schutte

Love Ed Bolduc

A new commandment Janco/missalette

F1 Blest Are They

F2 Salt of the earth

F4 Man shall leave his mother Wedding Song

F8, F9 We have been told

F8, F9, Love One Another Cotter


Prelude, seating of Mothers, after vows

I am always with you

May the Light of Christ

A Nuptial Blessing Joncas

Responsorial Psalm: choose 1

C1 Psalm 33 The Goodness of the Lord  (Love One Another Collection)

C1 Psalm 33 Blessed are We

C2 Psalm 34 Taste and See Haugen G34

C3 Psalm 103 The Lord is Kind and Merciful Haugen G59

C3 Psalm 103 The Lord is Kind Colson and Colson

C3 Psalm 103 The Lord is Kind and Merciful Cotter G58

C3 Psalm 103 The Lord is kind Cooney

Psalm 118 This is the Day the Lord has Made sung by VIcki Burt on the wedding soloist list

C4 Psalm 112 God’s Command Haas

C5 Psalm 128 Blest are Those who love you

C5 Psalm 128 Walk in His Ways Hughes

C5 Psalm 128 May the Lord Bless Us (Love One Another Collection)

C5 Psalm 128 May the Lord Bless Us Cooney (click “see details” to bring up the sound file)

C5 Happy are They Who Honor the Lord (When Love is Found)

C6 Psalm 145 I will praise your Name G 76

C6 Our God is Compassion (When Love is Found)

C7 Psalm 148 Let All Praise the name of the Lord Terwilliger

C7 Psalm 148 Let all Praise the Name of the Lord David Haas

Entrance Chant and/or refrain after vows

As soon as the bride’s procession is over a short Entrance Chant is required.  You may sing the refrain of the Alleluia, or the refrain of your responsorial psalm in either of these places.  You may also choose another refrain. This list gives some appropriate suggestions but is not all-inclusive. The goal is to get people to participate, so singing something familiar is good, or singing something in more than one place is also good.  

ie: if you have a song sung in the prelude and then repeat the refrain after the vows, people will have heard it.  Or if you sing the same chant after the procession and then again after the vows, they might participate. Similarly singing something they do know, like the Alleluia after the procession and again for the Gospel verse, or the responsorial psalm again after the vows also adds to continuity.  I will help you with this when we meet.  

Where there is love David Haas

Refrain:  Where there is love, there is God, the love of God has gathered us together.  Alleluia.

May the Light of Christ (especially good after vows)   

A Nuptial Blessing (refrain) (after vows

God Is Love Hommerding

(Can attach after Canon In D or Tpt Voluntary in D)


Visit to Mary’s Altar

This is optional.  If you have a devotion to Mary, you may take flowers to Mary after Communion and a song to Mary is sung.  If you have no particular devotion to the Blessed Mother but your Mom or Grandmother really wants to hear the Ave Maria or other Mary song, we can have the Mothers seated to one of these songs before the processional and this usually makes them happy.   

Ave Maria by Schubert Schubert Ave Maria 

Ave Maria by Gunod  Gunod Ave Maria 

Hail Mary Gentle Women

Holy Is His Name (Magnificat) by John Michael Talbot

Holy is Your Name (Magnificat) David Haas

This is the tempo I usually do it, and this rendition has a little less Celtic feel

On This Day O Beautiful Mother

Ave Maria Ed Bolduc (This is a newly composed more modern take on the Ave Maria)




(choose 1 offertory song and 1 communion song)

Communion songs should be able to be sung by the congregation.  Offertory songs are not as restrictive, so a piece from the Prelude list may be used at the Offertory.

You are mine sung by Laura Best (see wedding soloist list)

On Eagles Wings sung by Laura Best (see wedding soloist list)

Gifts for Our Lord (good for offertory) sung by Vicki Burt (see soloist list)

I am the bread of life

One Bread One Body

Eat This Bread

F7, Come to the Banquet

F1 Blest are They

F5, F8, F9, We have been told

The Servant Song

A New Commandment (Janco/missalette)