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Mass Schedule:

Monday-Friday: 8:45am in Church

Saturday: 5pm (Vigil Mass) in Church

Sunday: 8am, 10am, & 12pm in Church


Expectations of Worshippers

  • Those who are sick or symptomatic should stay home! 
  • All parishioners should be encouraged to take their temperatures prior to coming to Mass. Any parishioner with a temperature of 100.4° F or more should stay home. 
  • Attendance should be limited to a maximum of 50% occupancy. 
  • Worshippers should wash hands at home and use hand sanitizer upon entering the church.
  • The faithful are to wear a mask (or other face covering).
  • Physical distancing of a minimum of six feet in all directions will be the norm.



Entering/Exiting the Church

  • Please use the doors at the center of the Church or the ADA accessible door to enter and exit the Church. All other doors will be restricted to better facilitate the proper flow of traffic in the Church.
  • Holy water fonts will remain empty until further notice.
  • Hospitality Ministers will escort you to a seat. Note: Hospitality Ministers are trained to ensure social distancing, please allow them to assign you a seat.  
  • The bulletin will be used as the worship aid until further notice.  Hospitality Ministers will distribute bulletins. Please take home your bulletin.  They should not be left in pews following Mass for health concerns.
  • Offertory baskets will be located at the Church entrances/exits. Please give generously as you enter or exit for there will be no offertory collection during Mass.
  • Signage will be displayed around the church and at entrances as reminders about new procedures.
  • Hospitality ministers are not to hand out bulletins or other materials without masks, gloves and six feet of distancing.
  • Clergy and other ministers can acknowledge the faithful as they leave but only with social distancing and no physical contact such as a handshake or hug.
  • Hospitality ministers should direct the departure of family units.  Families should depart the church in an organized manner wearing masks and observing six feet of distance between themselves, other individuals, or household.


Celebrating Mass

  • Due to overwhelming scientific evidence that singing doubles the distance of droplet spread, the psalms, acclamations, dialogs, and responses of the Mass should be spoken, not sung, during public liturgies for the time being. 
  • The sign of peace is omitted.
  • The offertory procession is omitted.
  • Stationary baskets should be used for donations from the assembly.
  • Only the celebrant will be distributing Communion.  
  • Communion will be distributed by quadrant in the church. A Hospitality Minister will dismiss each pew to receive Communion.
  • The ministries of Altar Servers and Eucharistic Ministers are temporarily suspended. 
  • When approaching to receive the Eucharist, the communicant is to pull their mask below the chin and present one hand resting on the palm of the other. After responding, “Amen,” the communicant reverently places the Eucharist in his or her mouth and immediately replaces their mask.
  • For the health and safety of all, reception of Holy Communion is strongly encouraged in the hand to avoid contact with individual's saliva.  Holy Communion on the tongue is strongly discouraged for the duration of the pandemic.

Parishes have all been educated on increased cleaning and sanitation practices, and attendance will be limited and subject to reasonable safety measures (such as practicing social distancing and face mask requirements); nevertheless, anyone who attends a public gathering, including a public Mass or other liturgy, must recognize that there will always be a risk that they could contract COVID-19 despite all of the precautions that will be taken to reduce that risk. As such, individuals who are in high-risk categories are strongly encouraged not to attend Mass at this time. We should have absolute trust in God’s divine providence, but we must also recognize that God does not promise us that this life will be free of suffering, disease, or death.

There will be challenges and frustrations. You may arrive at the church only to find that there is no room, or that you cannot sit in your usual seat. You may be asked to change patterns of worship that have come to mean a great deal to your personal spirituality. All of us will have to make sacrifices in order to preserve everyone’s right to life, and to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ. The last thing that anyone wants is to cause the illness or death of their priest or a fellow parishioner, or to contribute to a rebound effect that would cause public worship to be suspended again.

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  •  Am I obligated to attend Mass now that we are open?

The obligation to attend Mass continues to be lifted.  If you are at risk or uncomfortable attending Mass, please continue to pray at home, watch Mass on TV, and stay in touch with us via the Church website and bulletin.

  •  Do I have to wear a mask?  

Following the local mandate from the Summit County Health Department on July 9, facial covings are required, but please not that there are legitimate exceptions to the directive.    

  •  What should I do if I am not feeling well?

If you are not feeling well, we ask that you refrain from attending Mass in person and consider pray at home by watching Mass on TV. 

  • Why aren’t we singing?

Studies are indicating that viral spread is much farther when speaking loudly and/or singing.  In an abundance of safety, congregational singing is suspended in the diocese of Cleveland as well as many other Diocese around the world.

  • Who made all of these changes?  

The Bishops of Ohio (with Fr. Don Oleksiak, Administrator of the Diocese of Cleveland) in consultation with the CDC, and the Ohio Department of Health as well as the Worship/Liturgy Directors of the province, made recommendations for best practices to keep the safety of the faithful at the forefront of every decision.