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Summer Projects

First, THANK YOU for your continued support of St. Joseph Parish - both its church and school.  Without your care, whether through time, talent or treasure; we would not be able to share our ministries with the local community and educate future generations of Catholics.

With School out and many parish groups on a summer break, it is the appropriate time to complete some much-needed renovations and update to our facilities.

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Please prayerfully consider supporting the many Parish summer projects:  


Church Projects

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Sealing & striping church parking lot ($7,300)




New confessional doors (sponsor obtained)




 Continued repair/refurbishing of our Church’s stained glass windows in 2019 ($900)





 Repair & refurbish of stain glass windows in the choir loft ($26,000)





Removal of carpeting and refurbish of marble in Church sanctuary ($41,000)




New carpeting to replace the 25-year-old carpet in the rectory ($10,852)



School Projects

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Sealing & striping school parking lot ($9,900) 






Sealing & waterproofing the “tunnel” hall that runs between Jones & Lillis Hall ($8,728)






New flooring for three classrooms @ $800 each (sponsor obtained)






Relocating school’s flagpole from the corner of Lilis Hall to Mary’s Shrine (sponsor obtained)




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If you would like more information about any of these or how you can help with a project, do not hesitate to contact Fr. Jared or Melissa Rodgers at 330-928-2173 or [email protected].