History of Altar & Rosary

C. M. Walsh 1949Our Altar & Rosary Society (AR) was first assembled in 1923 by Mrs. C.M. Walsh who also became our 1st President. The AR met regularly in the sewing room in the school to make altar linens and other supplies for the missions. In 1968, at the request of the Pastor Father Jones, the AR took over the sacristy activities, which had formerly been done by the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. These most important duties include supplying sacred linens, baptismal bibs, Priests’ vestments and albs, candles, wine, altar breads, flowers for the altar, furnishing and repairing the altar boys cassocks and surpluses and keeping the Sanctuary and Sacristy clean.

As of today we are still carrying on these same duties. AR also:  

  • administers and furnishes manpower for the St. Joseph’s Prayer Line
  • sends Eucharistic Ministers to provide Communion to people at Altercare, Sunrise Nursing Homes, and Summa Western Reserve Hospital and at the homes of the ill;
  • coordinates the meal, cooks the food and serves the funeral dinners.

We do a thorough spring and fall cleaning of the church before Easter, Forty Hours, and again at Christmas.

All proceeds from our Membership dues, Christmas Bazaar which includes a raffle, bake sale, Granny’s attic, crafts and gourmet candy sales; our Easter Bake and candy sales; and our Fall Card Party have allowed us to finance all these many accomplishments.