2017 Raffle

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Progressive Raffle

as tickets increase, the winnings increase

Prizes begin at 

Grand Prize: $5,000          2nd Prize: $2,000          3rd Prize: $1,000

and can grow to

Grand Prize $10,0000        2nd Prize: $4,500         3rd Prize: $2,250


 Seller of Winning Ticket will receive $250


Tickets Sold

























 $5 donation per ticket

all proceeds benefit St. Joseph Parish's Raise the Roof Initiative


Drawing is Sunday, August 20, 2017 


Where Do I Purchase/Receive Tickets? 

Registered Parishioners and School Families will receive 10 tickets via US Mail between June 27 and July 4.  Payment and ticket stubs can be returned in the offertory baskets during Masses or can be returned to the St Joseph Parish Rectory, 215 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221.  You can call the rectory @ 330.928.2173 to request tickets or complete the online request form.  

You can also purchase tickets at the following:

  • At the Riverfront Cruise-In on Mondays between 5-8pm in the St Joseph Parish School parking lot (1909 Third St.)


Request raffle tickets to be sent via US Mail


Do you Want to Pay for Tickets Online? 

You can pay with debit, credit or EFT online by clicking link below.   You will still need to return stubs to  St Joseph Parish Rectory, 215 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221 (phone: 330.928.2173).  Remember to write ONLINE on the back of the stubs you are returning, so the office knows your donation was done electronically.   


 Pay for raffle tickets online


Alum Challenge Board 

The Class of 1969 Challenges YOU! Which St. Joseph Class will Sell the Most Tickets?  



Number of Tickets Submitted

1981 10
1969 181
1965 10
1963 10
1982 2



A Message from Our Pastor

 Dear Friends, 

Last month in From the Pastor’s Desk, I indicated we would focus on raising money for capital repairs during FY18.  We have decided to call this initiative Raise the Roof.   We chose this name for two reasons:

1.) Much of the money we need to raise is for roof repairs on various buildings and

2.) During this initiative we want to combine our efforts with fun & fellowship to not only raise money but to raise hearts to God, raise our hands to help, raise hopes for the future, and maybe raise a few eyebrows as we show this community and the diocese that Saint Joseph Parish - both the Church and School - is alive and well… preparing for another 186 years of bringing Catholicism to our community.

We will kickoff the Raise the Roof Initiative with our annual parish raffle.  This year, it will be a progressive raffle meaning as more tickets are sold, the prize money increases. The raffle will start at a grand prize of $5,000; 2nd prize of $2,000; and 3rd prize of $500.  As more tickets are sold, those prizes will increase to as much as $10,000 for the grand prize; $4500 for 2nd prize; and $2,250 for third prize.

Tickets sales and prize amounts will be posted weekly in the bulletin, on the digital sign, and on our website.  

Each parish household will be receiving 10 tickets to purchase or sell with more info about the Raise the Roof Raffle by US Mail before July 4.  Tickets will be $5 each.  Ask family, friends, and neighbors if they are interested in donating $5 for a raffle ticket and use that opportunity to tell them about the great things St Joseph does for the community.  

If each household can purchase or sell their 10 tickets, more than $35,000 will be raised through this kickoff of the Raise the Roof initiative.  That would be a wonderful start!

For more information about the Raise the Roof Initiative and progressive raffle, visit saintjoe.org/raisetheroof.  

Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Remember, your participation, whether large or small, does make a difference.

God's Blessings, Fr. Jared Orndorff