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Friends of the Carpenter

Friends of the Carpenter is a men’s fellowship group who come together on a weekly basis to share their attempts to grow in the presence of God so as to live out their lives as Christian men within a secular world.  The group meets every Saturday morning from 7:30am to 9am in Nolan Hall (Church basement). Coffee is provided and occasionally donuts or bagels. 

Everyone's journey to the Lord can often seem like a lonely one. Coming together and sharing that journey can give us the hope and the courage to persevere and grow in the Love of our Savior. The group invites all men of good will to stop by, relax, have a nice cup of coffee, and see where the Lord is leading. You might just be surprised!

For any additional information please contact Pat at 330-310-2320/patnliz60@sbcglobal.net or Matt at 330-310-0353.