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Online Giving


Beginning February 1, 2024, a new way to give called REALM is available. This new program offers more ways for you to support St. Joseph Parish.  While this will allow new ways to give, it will require that payment methods be registered with our new merchant. This measure helps ensure we securely move to the updated feature set. If you’ve scheduled your tithe online, then you have received both a letter and emailed instructions on how to register your payment method. Please complete these steps prior to your next scheduled donation. Your generous support is vital to our ministry. We appreciate your participation during this transition. If you have any questions, please contact the church office at 330-928-2173 or email lmacdougall@saintjoe.org

This move to Realm means St. Joseph will be discontinuing its use of WeShare.  So please transition your online giving before March 15, 2024.  

This is a very easy process.   You will receive an invitation via email to join Realm giving in February.  This email will allow you access to your Realm account and you will be able to set up your payment info.  It will take less than five minutes to complete for your profile information will already be populated.  

To ensure a smooth transition, I ask you to complete your Realm account as soon as you receive the email invitation.  The invitation will be labeled: “St. Joseph Parish: Join our online community!” and will be sent from St. Joseph Parish <notifications@onrealmmail.org>.  If you have not received your email invitation, please email lmacdougall@saintjoe.org or call 330-928-2173. 


NOTE: When you need to remove your payment information from WeShare, click the logo below for access.   This access will discontinue on March 15, 2024.