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FY23 Year End Report

September 2023

FY23 Complete Year End Report

Dear Parishioners, 

As I stated in the August 20th bulletin, it was a very busy fiscal year 2023 from July 1, 2022 to  June 30, 2023  (FY23).  There was much behind the scenes planning by our parish finance and pastoral councils as well as our staff to ensure Saint Joseph Parish has a mission, a short term plan, and begins devising a long-term plan all while staying fiscally responsible and sound.  I am pleased to report that for FY23, St. Joseph Parish was in the black, having a positive cash flow of $152,823  at year end.   Following is the St. Joseph Parish  FY23 year end report, which was approved by the diocese earlier this month.    

This report provides a snapshot of the annual revenue received and the expense paid out.  It also compares the actual data from FY23 to FY22.  Please note that FY22 had a separate report for the school that is not included in this FY23 report.  Also, the report includes projections for fiscal year 2024.    

So what is happening in the short-term? 

  1. Earlier this year, it was determined that St. Joseph wanted to use its property for activities that closely align with our Catholic mission.   Fortunately, we found this in our new tenant Wings of Change Therapy, LLC.  Having a tenant will provide additional revenue of $230,000 for FY24 that can be re-invested into our campus buildings for much needed repairs and renovations.  
  2. As well, we are growing our Faith Formation programming with the partnerships created through our participation in the Diocesan initiative Keepin the Faith (KTF).  Using the principles of KTF, St. Joseph Parish along with IHM, HF, SE, and OLV are working together as a consortium named Parish Partners for Catholic Education.   Working toward the betterment of Catholic education, one first step is creating a combined Parish School of Religion (PSR) that will be run by and housed at St. Joseph.  
  3. It has been a little slow going due to limited vendors and supply chain issues, but we are moving forward with adding a lift and an accessible bathroom to the church building.  We have had two very generous parishioners donate a total of $90,000 to this $250,000 project. 
  4. Many of our ministries are evolving after being stalled during Covid.  To assist them, Carrie DePasquale has agreed to take on the new role of Hospitality and Ministry Leader.  Her position will have a greater focus on supporting St. Joseph ministries as well as outreach to new parishioners, our KTF partners, and community neighbors. 

What are we thinking for the long-term? 

As our parish council, finance council, and assisting parishioners continue to work on a long-term plan, there are a few things we do already know. 

  1. The ministries/organizations that may occupy our buildings in the future must be authentically Catholic or providing services inline with our Catholic mission.
  2. St. Joseph Parish still has a number of repairs and updates that need to be done as we move into the long-term.  These renovations include: 
  3. Church Roof replacement  ($50,000)
  4. School roof replacements Lillis, Gallagher, & Jones Halls  ($250,000)     
  5. Replace windows in Jones Hall  ($190,000)                                          
  6. Electrical Service Replacement w/Design for Lillis, Gallagher, & Jones Halls ($220,000)
  7. Masonry/joint repair at Lillis, Gallagher, & Jones Halls  ($180,000)                        
  8. Waterproofing ground level of Gallagher Hall ($60,000)
  9. St. Joseph Parish needs to be more creative when it comes to raising funds for building repairs and renovations as well as faith formation.  As it is now, offertory alone will not cover these costs.    

It is an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming time, for St. Joseph Parish as we adapt for the future.  I have much appreciated all the work of our councils and parishioners that have stepped up to assist and I will continue to keep you updated as projects progress.  If you are interested in learning more or donating to accomplish these long-term needs, please contact our Business Manager Melissa Rodgers at mrodgers@saintjoe.org or myself at frjared@saintjoe.org.  

God’s Blessings,  Fr. Jared Orndorff, Pastor