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Journey with the Holy Family Move-a-thon


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Walk, run, bike, or swim to Bethlehem with the Holy Family this Advent! Families are invited to do a physical form of devotion in honor of the physical labors Saint Joseph endured for the sake of the Holy Family. This was strikingly evident in how he, in obedience to God, led pregnant Mary on a 90-mile journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem where the Divine Child was destined to be born. 

The Advent Challenge: 

1.) Resolve for you or your group to walk, run, swim, or bike  from 9 up to 90 mile. Be creative!  Encourage your family & friends to join you.  

2.) Contemplate the admirable life and virtues of St. Joseph.

3.) Make a holy intention for you or your family. 

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Want to help support our Church and School as part of your Advent Challenge?

You can do so by getting family, friends, co-workers, & neighbors to sponsor you or your group’s Move-a-thon efforts. To participate in the Journey with the Holy Family Move-a-thon, sign up is easy:   

1.) Visit and click on Move-a-thon from the menu.

2.) On the Move-a-thon web page, choose Register

3.) Scroll down to the bottom where it states "Not in the list?"  and click on Add Participant.  

4.) Provide your name and email. Also choose the group - Church or School - to which any funds you raise will be donated. 

Then your registration to be a participant is complete!   Through your Journey with the Holy Family Move-a-thon participant page you will be able to email friends, family, co-workers to ask for their support.  All funds raised will be used for the needs listed below.   Donations can be made through your Move-a-thon page or on Giving Tuesday, November 30 through WeGiveCatholic.  Register between November 14 - December 12.

Register for Move-a-thon | Donate