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2018 St. Joseph Parish Campaign: 

New learning and sensory centers to engage students and promote problem-solving, independence, and individuality.




Your generous support through We Give Catholic will make a meaningful difference to St. Joseph Parish School.   Funds raised will be used to incorporate new types of learning and sensory centers throughout the school to engage students and promote problem-solving, independence, and individuality.

Celebrating 95 years of excellence in Catholic Education, St. Joseph Parish School continues to lead by focusing on student-centered learning, an instructional method that recognizes individual differences in learners.  It emphasizes each student's interests, abilities, and learning styles.  It recognizes that all students have different strengths & challenges when it comes to learning.   It aims to develop learner autonomy and independence and focuses on skills and practices that enable lifelong learning and independent problem-solving. 

The centers St. Joseph Parish School will be creating for students include: 

  • Sensory Room for our Early Childhood Learning Center (grades preschool, preK, K)
  • Jr. MakerSpace Expansion (grades preschool, preK, K)
  • STREAM Learning Lab Expansion (grades 1-8)
  • School Garden
  • All-abilities Playground

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About We Give Catholic

Once again, Saint Joseph Parish will be participating in the online day of Catholic Giving known as We Give Catholic which takes place on “Giving Tuesday”, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving kicking off the charitable season when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.  We Give Catholic is an ideal vehicle to participate in “Giving Tuesday” because it harnesses the collective power of individuals to raise awareness of Catholic organizations, encourage philanthropy, and celebrate generosity throughout the Cleveland Diocese.

Donating to St. Joseph Parish through We Give Catholic is a seamless experience that you can do from your computer, tablet, or smartphone at any time from 12 am-11:59 pm on November 27.  Secure, tax-deductible donations will be accepted on the website WeGiveCatholic.org.

The money you contribute will benefit our parish directly and place us in the running to receive additional monies throughout “Giving Tuesday”. There will be at least $60,000 given away to participating organizations on that day as we engage in a friendly competition with other Diocesan nonprofits. Saint Joseph Parish is one of the more than 140 parishes, ministries, and other Catholic nonprofits participating in this online fundraising event. 

Your generous support through We Give Catholic will make a meaningful difference. Visit https://www.wegivecatholic.org/organizations/saint-joseph-parish to donate.  Let's make “Giving Tuesday 2018” a great day for Catholic giving and for our parish.

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